Every Heart Has a Story

When parents hear their unborn child’s heartbeat for the first time, it’s magical.

But what if that tiny heart doesn’t sound right? That’s the reality for many parents. One of every 120 children is born with congenital heart disease. Others are diagnosed with a heart condition during childhood, and some acquire heart disease as they grow. All told, there are millions of children living with some type of heart condition.

By participating in Philly Spin-In, you support patient care, treatment and research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that benefits children with heart conditions in your community and around the world.

The Impact of Your Gift

People may not realize just how important their donation is and just how significant that is for us.
Stephanie Fuller, MD, Cardiothroacic Surgeon

Thanks to the enormous advances made at CHOP’s Cardiac Center, children are not only surviving these potentially deadly conditions — they are thriving.

Our experienced cardiac team has revolutionized the way children with heart conditions are cared for, diagnosing and — in some cases — even treating children before birth, and actively following them well into adulthood.

Helping these doctors pave the way for more kids and more families — there could be nothing more important in my opinion.
Danielle Benscoter, parent

Thank you for helping our little hearts by participating in this one-of-a-kind event!

Meet Our Patients

Each child’s journey with heart disease is unique. Read the stories of children who found treatment, support and hope at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


Tyler underwent a breakthrough procedure at CHOP to receive a ventricular assist device, a mechanical pump that is implanted in the heart.

Meet Tyler


Diagnosed with a congenital heart defect before birth, Lily has had three heart surgeries at CHOP. Today, she loves to dance, swim and play the piano.

Meet Lily


Caila was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) and treated at CHOP by the Cardiac Center team, which is at the forefront of diagnosing and treating HLHS.

Meet Caila


Matthew was diagnosed with several atrial septal defects during the first weeks of life and received expert care at CHOP’s Cardiac Center, including open heart surgery.

Meet Matthew


At age 13, Brett was diagnosed with arrhythmogenic right ventricle dysplasia (ARVD). With the help of an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and the support of his team at CHOP, Brett was able to return to the activities he loved.

Meet Brett


Diagnosed with a serious heart defect as an infant, Zoey received open heart surgery at CHOP’s Cardiac Center. Today, she’s a cheerful and active 5-year-old who plays soccer and loves trips to the zoo.

Meet Zoey


Born with transposition of the great arteries, Max was saved by open heart surgery at CHOP’s Cardiac Center. Today, the energetic 7-year-old loves karate and building Legos.

Meet Max